Great Britain All Styles Self Defence Association

Martial Artists sharing knowledge for the purpose of self-defence


Japanese Jujitsu Association

Ju Jitsu is a self defence system that uses the opponents force against them. You do not have to be strong or particularly fit although once you start you may decide to increase your fitness level. Ju Jitsu will make you supple it will give you self confidence and it will make you look at the world in a more rounded way.


Shoshin Jujitsu

Goshin Ryu Jujitsu is a modern form self-defence founded in 1981 by Sensei J Lycett, the head of the Staffs Self- Defence Academy. Various techniques are covered by our syllabus such as blocking, striking, kicking, throwing, locking techniques and ground grappling.

Ten Shin Kan

A pure budo comes with the unification of technique, body and heart. The budo, which will manifest itself, does not depend upon the technique, but rather upon the heart of the practitioner. The aim of Aikido is a kindness of heart expressed through this spirit of budo.

Pa Kua


The Great Britain All Styles Self Defence Association has been formed in order that martial arts practitioners be involved in Self Defence, exchanging technique and knowledge for the betterment of the membership. The short term intention is to establish the association and promote genuine interest in Self Defence, on a national basis, involving all styles of martial arts, whilst at the same time encouraging the membership to develop the style best suited to them into a reliable Self Defence system; to organise a national Self Defence syllabus, where each individual style can operate successfully in accordance with that syllabus, at the same time seeking grading in Self Defence.

The long term intention being to amass association funds, in order to obtain a long term lease on a suitable building, equip it with wall to wall tatami, martial arts weaponry and such, make it a national headquarters, and a Dojo second to none, and at that time, seek to provide our membership with the most expert Self Defence instruction in Europe, as cheaply as possible.

Self Defence is a method of defending oneself against the aggression of others. For the purpose of discussion the aggression mentioned herein is restricted to physical attack.

Benefits of membership
At GBASSDA we know how difficult it is to run an association or series of clubs, with the changing legal climate, the introduction of DBS checks and the ever changing insurance requirements. 

GBASSDA can offer many benefits to its member associations:
- Member to member insurance to cover all of your students
- PI insurance for all of your teachers
- DBS checks for all of your teachers working with children or vulnerable adults
- Government recognised teacher certification courses
- First Aid courses
- Regular national courses for the exchange of techniques, ideas, and styles
- Friendly support network of like minded individuals

GBASSDA is always looking for other like minded clubs and associations that are interested in developing good working self defence systems.


GBASSDA Handbook

All of the GBASSDA policies, syllabus, forms, etc have been included in the handbook


GBASSDA Coaching Syllabus