The Great Britain All Styles Self Defence Association has been formed in order that martial arts practitioners be involved in self-defence, exchanging technique and knowledge for the betterment of the membership.

The nature of self defence

Self Defence is a method of defending oneself against the aggression of others. For the purpose of discussion the aggression mentioned herein is restricted to physical attack.

The Martial Arts all retain, to a greater or lesser extent, the means of effective combat.

A form of combat where one responds to an attack can be regarded as Self Defence.

Self Defence is applied Martial Art. Applied that is to effectively negate, or nullify an aggressors attack.

In an embracing Self Defence system, one would hope to come across the wide syllabus, not only of techniques, but also of primary Self Defence. In this category, we find common sense and mental assertion training, aimed at generating the ability to execute those physical moves necessary for an effective physical act of Self Defence.

It is quite wrong to consider a Self Defence course as consisting solely of a number of physical "tricks". It is therefore contended that modern day Self Defence systems are Martial Arts in every respect.

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